Principles & Statements

Mission Statement

The Mission of Olive Branch Counseling and Training is twofold:

1. To impact the community in a positive way by improving their overall mental health and personal levels of empowerment.

2. To educate clinicians on effective interventions and best practices in counseling.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Olive Branch Counseling and Training to be the Texas Hill Country’s leading private practice in terms of satisfaction and improved mental health.

Guiding Principles

We believe personal empowerment of our clients to be the greatest agent of change.

We believe the therapeutic relationship is the most powerful tool we have to support clients in initiating personal change in their lives.

We believe good counseling and good customer service is the key to a sustainable practice.

We believe in networking with other professionals in the community to support our client’s with strong, reliable referrals and a sense of wrap around care.

We believe continuing education for ourselves and others, allows the community to receive quality counseling services.