Individual Counseling focuses on any issues that an individual of any age brings to the sessions.  While some issues may be chronic, others are a phase of life and individuals often appreciate the one to one dynamic that can offer other perspectives, positive guidance and an unbiased listener.

Couples Counseling is available to those intimately connected in a relationship.  Couples counseling is designed to improve communication, support, awareness and intimacy within the relationship.  Issues may stem from a variety of sources, but will be looked at on how they impact the couple and the relationship.  In a sense, the relationship is the client as opposed to the individuals.

Family Counseling is designed for family members to attend together.  Issues may be tied to communication, parenting, or recent changes in the family system or a variety of other circumstances.   The family system will be looked at to identify the problematic areas in an effort to improve the family system as a whole.

Teletherapy/Phone-Online Therapy allows counseling to be more accessible to those who are unable to commute to the counseling office for any reason.  It is available to those that are residents of Texas and may be used for individuals or couples therapy.   It is required that you come in for the initial face-to-face intake session prior to beginning teletherapy.  This service is not covered by insurances.

Animal-Assisted Counseling involves animals as part of the treatment plan.  The overall goal is to improve a client’s social and emotional functioning by way of interacting with the animal under the facilitation of a Licensed Professional Counselor during therapy sessions.   AAC is appropriate for most clients ages 10 and up.    Animal-Assisted Play Therapy is available for approved clients ages 5-10.

Frequently Asked Questions

•    Parenting
•    Identity Work
•    Grief and Loss
•    Giftedness
•    Stress
•    Self Esteem
•    Caregiver Stress
•    Communication Issues
•    Depression and Anxiety
•    Abandonment
•    Divorce Adjustment
•    Major Life changes